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10 Reasons Why Google Adsense is the Best PPC Ad Network

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:07 AM

When the term “make money blogging” comes in our mind, first we think about Google Adsense. Why this situation is happened? The simple answer is that Google Adsense is very popular, well established, Elite and Trustworthy.  In this post I am going to discuss the reasons why Google Adsense is very popular and best.

1. Website revenue can be maximized:

Through the advertisement of Google adsense, one publisher can earn huge amount of money from his blog. There is no need to seek other ways to monetize a site where Google adsense exist. By the revenue from Google adsense a blogger can maximize his ROI (Return on Investment) and reach to goal.

2. Huge collection of online advertisements:

Google ad network is so big and lots of advertisers. you can get available relevant highest or lowest paying ads. So just select what type of ad is going to be displayed on your website and earn your money.

3. Easy installation process:

The process of Setting up and installing Google ad is very easy. It is quick to install Google ad by anyone by maintaining some formalities and approving application.

4. Comparatively high payment:

Google Ad allows comparatively high percentage of payment to the publisher than any other ad networks. Some keywords rate are between .02$ to 3$ per click which is the highest PPC in ad network industry.

5. Extra feature of Google Search Box:

To attract and stay longer times in website, search box facility is provided by Google. This feature helps the website owners to increase income by extra clicking.

6. Reliable Payment to advertisers and publishers:

Google adsense pays net60 basis to their publishers. They pay on time in every payment schedule. I haven’t found any complain about their payment processing system. For this reason, it is very reliable in terms of payment to the advertisers and publishers.

7. Multiple ad formats are offered by Google ad:

For attracting and viewing, you can attach ad of any format from Google adsense. Video, image, text and other rich media formats are available in Google Adsense for your huge earning.

8. Easy controlling your site:

Google Adsense allows websites users to display certain types of advertisements as owner’s requirement. In this case, unnecessary ads are automatically disappeared. It can be regarded as default system of ad display.

9. Strict, Popular and trust-able:

Google adsense is run by some serious staffs of Google inc. They monitor every operation in every second. They are very strict in their program policy. Anyone can’t do any illegal activity with Google adsense. If he does he must be punished.

10. Effective technique for advertisement:

The inexpensive but effective advertisement technique enables your website to reach millions of internet accessed people. By enhancing the knowledge of advertising, easy access to internet will be easy.

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